Monday, September 12, 2011

Money Mondays Introduction

Money is a tedious, frustrating, and necessary part of our lives. Being a mom who is also in charge of the money management for our family I will freely admit that aside from cleaning bathrooms this is my least favorite part of being in charge. I like to think of a household as a business. We have money coming in (not as much as I would like) and money going out (way more than I would like). There are basic costs of operations (i.e. rent/mortgage, utilities, food, transportation, etc.) There is also all of the fun yet costly things a family likes to participate in (i.e. hobbies, sports, vacations, etc.) In order to come out in the black, and yes black is good in this case, there needs to be at least some measure of organization and will power.
The Money Mondays part of this blog will consist of money saving tips, home office organization, great deals I may find and want to pass along, and hopefully some giveaways coming shortly. As I’ve said before I enjoy doing research so if there are things you are curious about but don’t feel you have the time to do the research let me know in a comment and I will see what I can find. I am not a financial expert in anyway so I will not be giving tax or investment advice, however, I may offer up websites or books that I have found useful. My main goal in this column is to help my household as well as yours, to run as efficiently as possible with as little headache as possible.

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