Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spring Cleaning...er...Fall Cleaning

I am sure most of you have heard the idea of Spring Cleaning and yes I do subscribe to the notion of some deep cleaning now and then.  Early October is also a good time to get some deep cleaning done as well.  Many of us have family and friends who visit during the holidays and how embarrassing is it when you pull out your sofa sleeper for a guest and there are food crumbs lodged in there!  Or something rolls under the couch and your guest has an allergy attack trying to retrieve it due to all the dust bunnies collected under there.  Or when you have guests over for Thanksgiving dinner and you pull out your turkey platter or gravy boat only to find they are covered in dust and possibly a dead bug...gross! This is why I take some extra time over the first couple of weeks in October to get all those places I don't get to on a daily or even weekly basis.  Here is a list of things I plan on getting done over the next two weeks:

vacuuming out an spot cleaning the couches
moving furniture and vacuuming/mopping underneath
dusting and wiping clean all of the air vents
cleaning out and wiping down the insides of the kitchen cabinets and drawers
same in the bathrooms
cleaning and wiping down the floor boards throughout the house
paint touch-ups
getting rid of all the too small, ratty, summer clothes in preparation for cooler weather clothing
eradicating broken, outgrown toys in preparation for holiday gifts

Having all of this done well in advance of holidays visitors and/or parties will make those visits so much less stressful and you can concentrate on entertaining your guest instead of worrying about dust bunnies and dirty serving dishes.  What are some things you do in preparation for the holiday season?


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