Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mix & Match

 Okay, so I kinda missed posting yesterday due to technical difficulties.  But the good news is today you get both cleaning and indulging!  I actually think this topic could be considered both.  Anyway, you know those glass jar candles?  You are nodding your head right?  I really hope you don't throw those away after  the candle burns out that would be such a waste!  The jars and containers from your jar candles can be used for so many different things.  We use them to contain cotton balls, q-tips, flossers, bath salts, decorations (i.e. shells-see pictures), spices, buttons, pens, etc. My favorite candles are the ones from Bath & Body Works.  They smell great and the containers are awesome, my husband and I usually pick up a few when they go on sale.  Michael's also has good candles for great prices, if you can get them on clearance all the better!  You might however do you get the wax out?  Well this is my husbands special secret but I'm gonna tell you anyway!

When you are at the end of the candle put on some latex gloves or use a dish towel to keep your hands from burning (be very careful!).  While the wax is still in liquid form pour out as much as you can.  Then, take a dry paper towel and wipe the remaining wax out.  This all must be done fairly quickly because if the wax hardens you'll end up having to scrape it out or I suppose you could heat it up in the microwave for a few seconds as long as the container is microwave safe. I will usually throw them in the dishwasher at this point just to make sure there isn't any lingering residue (please only do this when there is no more wax in the container, I would imagine you might ruin your dishwasher otherwise.) Now your candle holders are ready for decorative and/or utilitarian uses!

The containers with silver lids are from BBW candles.

Candles from Michael's used for cotton balls and flossers.

Fanfiction rec of the week:  Worth the Burn by My-Bella
A night of Halloween trickery & secrets leads to some unexpected treats for Bella. Will this night of debauchery be a one time occurrence? Or will Bella & Edward risk the burn and attempt a relationship? Rated "M" for mature language & situations.

I figured since we are getting close to Halloween I would recommend a Halloween fic.  This story has some humor, lots of mis-communication, and of course love! Enjoy.



1955nurse said...

My family has made fun of me for "re-purposing" the BBW cand;e containers, but they're so pretty, I love using them for other things... glad to see someone else does, too!

MultiMommi said...

Thanks so much for leaving your comment. The whole Candle container thing was actually my husband's idea and I laughed at him because I thought he was going to sit there and try to scrape out all of the wax. Imagine my surprise when not two minutes later he shows me a perfectly clean container...I was amazed and gave him "mad props" for his efforts!